Each year UFCW Local 401 participates in several Pride Parades to celebrate the queer community and continue the fight for equality and acceptance within society. While evolving in our efforts to engage Albertans and become a partner with community organizations, we have also watched the various parades and festivals around the province grow by leaps and bounds every year. We are proud to be a part of that success. “When we march in the pride parades, we are telling our membership and the community at large that UFCW 401 is ‘on your side’, no matter where you are from or whom you love”, Local 401 President Douglas O’Halloran said. “We are also saying that we are a union that is serious not just about things like good wages, benefits and workplace health and safety, but also for dignity, respect and equality at work”, he concluded.

Community engagement is key for our union to assist in the larger picture affecting all Albertans in the fight for equality. The pride parade is only one of many actions that need to be taken to not only integrate our union into the community but to provide a resource to those who don’t have or are seeking a voice at work. 5% of the country’s population now self identify as belonging to or identifying with the queer community. That’s almost 2 million people across Canada who are not only active in community initiatives but who are also our members whom we work with and serve every single day.

UFCW is proud to be woven into the fabric of that society and are proud to be involved in Pride celebrations for years to come. Celebrating our pride every year is a great opportunity for our members, families and friends to have a great time for a great cause!