Youth Committee

One of the longest running UFCW 401 committees is the Youth Committee, which are members under the age of 30 that work diligently to get the young workers’ voices heard.

This committee works on a variety of issues and initiatives including campaigns for improving servers’ wages, casting a light on university cutbacks/tuition hikes, and migrant worker exploitation.

Also, some of the educational opportunities available through the Youth Committee are:

Youth Internship Program (YIP) – UFCW Canada’s National Youth Internship Program has become one of the premier training and education programs offered at the national level. Young members interested in organizing, labour history, globalization, anti-racism/anti-oppression and other exciting topics are encouraged to apply for this one-of-a-kind course. All costs of the program — including lost wages, travel, and accommodation — will be covered by UFCW Canada.

Lobby Training – UFCW Local 401 works closely with the Canadian Labour Congress who offer a course on how to lobby your MLA or MP so you can more effectively let them know the issues that affect you and would like to be changed.

Together Fairness Works – is an educational course for 401 members that explores the importance of a healthy labour movement and its enduring relevance. This course also encourages understanding of the current threat to workers’ rights on a daily basis with introduction to new labour legislation, while empowering workers like you with the education needed to change damaging or detrimental legislation.

Election Campaign Training – Interested in politics and government? UFCW offers the opportunity for youth to be involved in elections. Whether municipal, provincial, or federal; unions have a vested interest in the decisions made in government which directly affect working people. To understand how our democratic system works, to take part in an election campaign and to engage the community with the issues that affect working people, and young workers.

The Youth Committee is also very involved in:

Talking Union – Our youth committee members are invited to high schools and universities across the province to educate students who are currently in the workforce, or will be looking for jobs in the near future. This covers many important differences between union workplaces and non-union workplaces, as well as illustrating how weak labour laws affect today’s workforce.

Community Action – UFCW Local 401 strives to involve itself in the many communities and cultural groups that make up the members that we represent. We strive to show our community that the union is not just at work; that we are involved in the community at large and the social issues facing our members.

The 401 Youth Committee is a diverse and dynamic committee and if you’re under the age of 30, it may be just the thing to peek your interest in getting more involved in your union. If you’re interested in getting involved, please just give your Union Representative a call and let them know.