“Our Walmart”

“OUR Walmart” is an organization created for the hard working employees of Walmart to ensure that they are treated with respect, regardless of factors such as age, sex, race, or sexual orientation. Walmart employees work with one another to solve issue-based fights daily, while also working towards a fair wage and full-time hours.

Over the years they have won many victories across the United States, such as:

• Access to more hours
• Paid sick-time in California
• Walmart losing 11% of their profits on Black Friday 2014
• Accommodations for women who are pregnant
• Walmart stating they will no longer pay minimum wage to any employees

Currently they are fighting for a living wage and full-time hours to ensure their workers can pay their bills without having to go hungry. In addition to this major campaign, Walmart workers are confronting store based issues on a daily basis, such as poor management, lack of scheduling, health and safety violations, and intimidation from management.

The OUR Walmart organization is growing at a rapid rate by not only members, but community support as well. Other labour organizations and even the clergy are joining this fight along with other grassroots movements like “fight for $15” to put pressure on large corporations that do not respect their workforce.