Superstore Benefit Improvements

Want to learn more about your Part-Time Benefit Plan? Check out this new video detailing your benefits:

“Part-time benefits are one of the biggest perks that come with union membership,” says Secretary Treasurer Richelle Steward. “In a non-union environment, it is unheard of to see part-time workers with paid sick days and benefit coverage working as little as 10 hours a week. But in UFCW workplaces, these types of benefits are common for part-time workers.”   

The Superstore Part-Time Benefit Plan provides excellent benefits to part-time members. The plan is a negotiated benefit that needs to be re-negotiated every time your union works to renew your union contract. Currently, your contract offers:  

  • Access to a Health and Welfare Trust Fund for all part-time employees who do not qualify for Company Group Insurance benefits. 
  • Company contributions of twenty-five ($0.25) cents per hour for all hours worked to the Trust Fund. 
  • The Trust Fund provides health and welfare benefits for all employees who qualify for benefits, as determined by the fund’s trustees (union and company).  

As we continue to negotiate with Superstore, we will be pushing the company to increase its contribution to the benefit trust so that we can improve the benefits that part-time employees receive.  

If you are interested in participating in the discussion around benefits, please e-mail and ask to be placed on the Superstore negotiation distribution list. We will send you a Microsoft Teams video link each morning. Feel free to join the meetings at your convenience!