Fort McMurray Wildfire Relief Fund for Retail Workers

While the terrifying forest fires were still creating havoc throughout northern Alberta, your UFCW Local 401 President Doug O’Halloran got on the phone and called upon all UFCW Locals across Canada and United States to help raise money for the affected members who had to be evacuated. Because of Doug’s quick action and efforts, your union was able to raise a million dollars to assist with some of the financial losses you have experienced.

Relief fund monies are anticipated to be distributed around the first week of August to Local 401 members. Affected members who have registered with the fund will be able to access it very soon. If you have not yet registered for the fund, please do so no later than July 31st at After July 31st, anyone who has not registered will be entitled to funds depending upon the amount of money left after paying those who did register.

No matter what formula is used for payment there will be individuals who are critical of it. The idea is, however, to get some money into the hands of evacuees; those who lost their homes and those who were renting and lost their belongings.

In consultation with Local 1118 President Peter Frost and National President Paul Meinema, we arrived at a formula for those who have registered and provided proof they were evacuated as follows:

  • Members who were evacuated will be entitled to $500.
  • Members who rent and lost all their personal and household items to the fire will receive $2000.
  • Members that lost their house and their contents will receive $10,000.

It is very important that you register no later than July 31st in order to receive payment.  

President O’Halloran thanks our union family across North America for their generous donations during this difficult and emotional time!