President’s Message

Douglas OHalloranPresident of UFCW Local 401
Douglas OHalloran

My name is Douglas O’Halloran and I am the President of United Food & Commercial Workers Union, Local 401.  My job is an elected one, and with the Secretary Treasurer, Theresa McLaren, and a large number of similarly elected Vice Presidents, I am responsible to you for leading our union.  All of us are working people and the union’s sole job is to improve the lives of working people.

This website is designed not only to get information to you, but also to ensure we are as accessible as possible to our members around the province.  First launched in 2003, the UFCW 401 website has changed over the years because we are constantly working to ensure that we are delivering the latest information with the most up to date technology in order to enhance your experience with your union.  We always endeavour to make accessing important information easier for you.  This website is intended to be information and interactive.  From delivering breaking news regarding your workplace, to providing you information about what your day-to-day rights are, or even using the website to find benefits forms, we are always looking for more ways that you can stay connected to your union.

You’ll find that this site is very user friendly with “mobile aware” technology.  This means that no matter what device you choose to view the site with, it will be much simpler to navigate.  If you’re sitting in your lunchroom at work and need to find information on your workplace from your smart phone, you will have no trouble doing so with this technology.

While we’re very proud of this website and all of our communications efforts, none of those things can be a substitute for the spirit of unionism.  We always encourage members to come to union meetings.  Share experiences with other workers.  Involve yourself in the bargaining process, committee work, stewardship, and all of the other ways you can participate in Local 401.  You will find it rewarding, and only through that process will you come to know a union supporters’ full commitment to bettering the lives of working people and the breadth of the union spirit.

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope it becomes a regular source of information and interaction for you.  You are connected with UFCW Local 401 and you do have a voice.  Come out and participate and see how it all works.  We welcome you with open arms.