I Have A Chance (IHAC) Support Services CBA Shareable Links

The following is a list of links that can be copied and pasted so as to direct people to specific sections of the IHAC/UFCW 401 Collective Agreement.

Because links have to be formatted differently for mobile devices and desktop devices there are two different sets of links below.

The first column is the article number, the next column is the article name, the third is the mobile web address (URL), and the fourth is the URL for desktop devices. Find out which type of device your recipient will be viewing the article on.

Hold button (if working from your mobile device) or right-click the button (if working from your desktop computer), select copy, and paste where you’d like to share the link to the article. The mobile link will only work for recipients on mobile devices such as phones or tablets. The desktop link will only work for recipients on desktop devices such as Mac or Windows computers. 

Paste it into the comment field where you are sharing it (for instance a text message, Facebook comment, or a Twitter post). 

ArticleDescriptionMobile LinkDesktop Link
1Scope and RecognitionScope and RecognitionScope and Recognition
3Union SecurityUnion SecurityUnion Security
5Management RightsManagement RightsManagement Rights
6No Strike, No LockoutNo Strike, No LockoutNo Strike, No Lockout
10Training & Employment ChecksTraining & Employment ChecksTraining & Employment Checks
11Probationary PeriodProbationary PeriodProbationary Period
13Leaves of AbsenceLeaves of AbsenceLeaves of Absence
14General HolidaysGeneral HolidaysGeneral Holidays
16Vacancies, Layoffs, and Job PostingsVacancies, Layoffs, and Job PostingsVacancies, Layoffs, and Job Postings
17Hours of WorkHours of WorkHours of Work
18Meal & Rest PeriodsMeal & Rest PeriodsMeal & Rest Periods
19Wages & PremiumsWages & PremiumsWages & Premiums
20Benefits & Paid Time OffBenefits & Paid Time OffBenefits & Paid Time Off
21Health & SafetyHealth & SafetyHealth & Safety
22Separation of EmploymentSeparation of EmploymentSeparation of Employment
23Effective Date & DurationEffective Date & DurationEffective Date & Duration
Appendix “A”Rates of PayRates of PayRates of Pay
Letter of Understanding 1ReportsReportsReports
Letter of Understanding 2Non-Employer Specific TrainingNon-Employer Specific TrainingNon-Employer Specific Training
Letter of Understanding 3Support Home Location 12Support Home Location 12Support Home Location 12