Privacy Policy

United Food and Commercial Workers Canada Union, Local No. 401 (“UFCW Local 401”) is committed to respecting the privacy of all our Members and all visitors to our websites,;; (“the websites”).

According to the relevant legislation, “personal information” is information about an identifiable individual, including (but not limited to): income, age, religion, ethnic origin and credit information. It does not include business contact information such as name, business addresses or phone numbers.

Any personal information provided through the websites is held and managed according to principles of this privacy policy. Personal information is collected at various points of the websites; UFCW Local 401 is the sole owner of this information.

UFCW Local 401 collects business and personal information for the purpose of facilitating the day-to-day functioning of this organization.

Web Forms, Inquiries, Requests for Information and E-mails – UFCW Local 401 will use information e-mailed to us or submitted through a form on the websites for the purpose of responding to your request or message and to assist us in providing the requested information. We will communicate with you to respond to your inquiry or provide the information requested. Depending upon the nature of the request, we may choose to contact you any method provided by you through the form, message or e-mail including phone, e-mail, or mailing address.

We do not collect personal information for third-party commercial marketing or distribution to any private organizations.

As with any method of communication, information sent via the Internet can be intercepted by third parties. Alternate methods of contacting UFCW Local 401 are available on the websites.

Registration Forms, Services, Events and Conferences – The websites may contain registration forms for courses, services, events and conferences. Any information collected through these registration forms (or via e-mail in relation to these forms) will be used only for the purposes of facilitating your participation in the course/event/service/conference and to facilitate the organization of the course/event/service/conference.

By providing your personal e-mail address to UFCW Local 401, you agree to receive from time to time emails from UFCW Local 401 regarding important updates and/or news relating to UFCW Local 401, your workplace and/or union membership. All communications sent will contain an option to unsubscribe in accordance with current legislation.

Surveys – The websites may, on occasion, contain surveys intended to elicit your opinions, feedback or other information. These surveys may contain requests for personal information. Participation in these surveys is completely voluntary; any information provided in a survey is likewise provided on a voluntary basis.

Chatrooms & Message Boards – The websites may include chat rooms and/or message boards intended to facilitate communication between Members and users of the websites. Any information collected through these chat rooms or message boards will be collected, held and used in accordance with this policy.

UFCW Local 401 has limited control over both the information posted through these chat rooms or message boards and how any other users may utilize such information. Please exercise caution when posting, disclosing or sharing any personal information via these methods.

Other Information Collected
Requests to the UFCW Local 401 server are logged automatically. Identifiable personal information is not generally included in these logs. The logs include generic computer information, navigation and page requests.

Information provided by your Internet Service Provider (for example, a domain name or IP address) may provide personal identifiable information. If you are concerned about being identified in this manner, please contact your Internet Service Provider.

“Cookies”- “Cookies” are text information that is sent to your browser and accessed by a server when you visit a particular website. Information collected through the use of Cookies includes (but is not limited to): the date and time a website is visited, which parts of the site are accessed and the functioning of the website. Cookies also include the visiting computer’s IP Address.

Cookies are used to track website use and improve the functioning of the website and services provided. The information collected through Cookies is specific to a computer and not the particular user.

Cookies may be deleted or disabled by the user by changing settings on your computer. If you are concerned about the use of Cookies, please refer to the “Help” section (or equivalent) on your particular browser to delete or disable Cookies.

Please note that UFCW Local 401 may be required to investigate personal usage in an effort to identify personal information as part of an authorized law enforcement investigations.

Links to Other Sites – the websites may contain links to other websites. UFCW Local 401 is not responsible for the content of any external website or for the use of personal information by those sites; please refer to the Privacy Policy of the external website.

CHANGES TO THIS POLICY: This policy is subject to change. Changes to the policy will be posted to the websites; it is the responsibility of users of the websites to check the policy regularly in order to remain informed regarding the collection, retention and use of personal information.

Security of Your Personal Data – this policy is supported by the implementation of technologies designed to protect your personal information from unauthorized access. UFCW 401 will endeavour to update these methods of protecting your personal information as new technologies become available.

CONTACT: If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this policy, please contact UFCW Local 401 at or via post at UFCW Local 401 – Privacy Issues, 14040 128 Ave., Edmonton, AB, T5L 4M8.