The history of our union is a progressive one that has not forgotten its rebel soul.  Our foundation is built on our members’ ongoing struggle for fairness, equality and social justice – collectively striving for dignity, respect, and safety for all workers.

It is our commitment to:

Provide the best workplace representation through superior servicing, union contracts and expedited problem resolution.

Improve job security and strengthen membership through organizing as well as engaging young workers in union activities to encourage our future leaders.

Provide and promote an inclusive environment, reflecting the diversity of the membership, based on the respect and dignity of all members.

Continue our fight for the fair and equal treatment of women, First Nations, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, disabled and disadvantaged, racialized people and other human rights issues.

Provide new services, benefits and educational opportunities to improve working conditions and provide members and their families with the best quality of life.

Develop strong and meaningful links with the communities in which our members are active.

Advocate for human rights and workers’ rights through political action at all levels of government and within the global community.

Empower members, stewards, staff and officers with practical knowledge, resources and motivation to carry out the goals and objectives of this local union.  Never forget the critical role of our long-term activists and the wisdom and spirit they bring to our collective actions.