What Are The Dues?

Union Dues Are Tax Deductible!

Your dues are listed on your T4, be sure that you included them in your income tax filing. You will get a good chunk of those union dues back each year!

What Are The Dues?

Eric Liu American Author

Union dues are required to pay for services provided to you but it’s important to know that they are not set by the union officials. These dues are voted on by union members only, though a secret ballot process, and are approved by the voting members themselves. These fees are deducted from paycheques by the employer and sent to the union.

The vast majority of members pay $9.25/week plus an hourly “cents per hour” formula to meet the growing needs of the membership.

It’s Just Good Value!

The peace of mind you get belonging to a democratic organization like UFCW is priceless. There is no denying that there is strength in numbers and UFCW Local 401 is Alberta’s largest private sector union. We have a reputation of being a fighting union with the ability to weather any storm that comes our way. We enjoy a good reputation within the labour community as well and are responsible members of that community, supporting many causes that help working Albertans. You can be proud to be a part of Alberta’s most dynamic union. We are certainly proud to serve you!