COVID-19 Resource Hub

The global spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a significant challenge for our society and one we must tackle together. UFCW Local 401 members serve and interact with the public and in many cases work on the front line of Alberta’s food and services systems. As a union, we know what it takes to stand together to tackle a shared problem; it’s what we do.

We’ve been working around the clock to support UFCW Local 401 members through COVID-19, and our website has been a key tool in getting information out there. This page is our information hub on COVID-19.

Here’s where you can find:


While many UFCW Local 401 members continue to work on the front lines of the situation surrounding COVID-19, there may be circumstances where you are suddenly unable to work.

Depending on where you work, you may have access to paid leave or other financial support through your union contract or in your employer’s response to the COVID-19 situation. But this won’t apply to some workplaces.

We’ve put together answers to members’ questions and key resources for some of the most common situations we’ve encountered over the past weeks. We also include resources for other kinds of support, including WCB coverage, mental health resources, housing rights, and benefits information.


COVID-19 has impacted our members in many ways. There have been some workplace shutdowns and layoffs, while many others have not only continued to operate but have greatly increased their operations to meet customer demands.

Whether on lay-off or working overtime, we will continue to be there for our members.

We’ve been pressing all employers to step up and provide financial support to members (mostly through pay premiums and paid leaves) and implementing new and more effective health and safety protections.

Where employers have been slow to respond to this situation, we’ve been pressing political leaders to step in.


Serving on the frontlines of our country’s food and services systems, our members often provide key necessities for life and basic human rights to people.

There have been countless stories in the media featuring our members’ workplaces and industries, and we’re glad that UFCW Local 401 members are finally getting the recognition they’ve always deserved for the hard work they do, bringing food, healthcare, education, and much more to the lives of Albertans.

We should be proud of the work we do.

We’ve joined in that conversation, with UFCW Local 401 President, Thomas Hesse, and members speaking up to ensure the voices of Alberta’s workers are at the forefront of the public conversation on how we overcome this challenge.

General Resources

There has been a lot of information circulating in the media and beyond concerning the global spread of COVID-19. We strongly urge members to rely upon primary and authoritative sources of information, particularly those from health professionals and organizations that specialize in matters concerning infection prevention and control.

Alberta Government Resources

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for Albertans – Learn about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)
Chief Medical Officer Updates – Learn about actions being taken to protect the health of Albertans.
Infection Prevention and Control – Learn how to prevent and control infections in your home, at work, at school or even in a hospital. Find resources for health professionals.

Alberta Health Services

811 Health Link is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week and is your best source of health information. Just dial 811 on your phone. Please note that 811 is experiencing very heading call volumes, so we encourage patience and calling outside busy hours.
We also strongly recommend using the Alberta government’s self-assessment tool.
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Information and guidance from AHS
Frequently Asked Questions

Workers’ Compensation Board

Check out our support page on frequently asked questions around workers’ compensation issues related to COVID-19
WCB’s COVID-19 page
News and announcements from the Workers’ Compensation Board
Fact Sheet for Workers – Important information WCB’s policy on whether workers who miss work due to COVID-19 infection and who may be entitled to compensation through WCB.
Fact Sheet for Employers

Federal Government Resources

Federal Government COVID-19 Information Site – Key information and updates from the Federal government covering travel and other concerns.
Employment Insurance Benefits information – How to apply and COVID-19 adjustments
Announcement from the Prime Minister’s Office – Federal government’s approach to COVID-19 Response, including waiving the one-week waiting period to receive EI benefits.

Employer-Specific Information

We have received many requests from members looking for information specific to their workplaces. We provide below a list of the current policies and information received from specific employers for your convenience. If your employer is not listed below, it is because they are presently working on a policy or have not yet provided it to us. We will be updating this information as we receive it from employers.

Please note: these documents are being shared for information purposes only. By posting these documents your union is not communicating its agreement with or endorsement of this material. 

ABCRCMarch 16, 2020Front Door Sign
Communication to Staff
AgropurMarch 13, 2020Memo to Employees
Alberta DistillersAwaiting details
AramarkMarch 24, 2020COVID-19 Document
March 24 Letter to Unions
ASP SecurityMarch 17, 2020March 17 Memo
Voluntary Lay Off Program
Avis Car RentalAwaiting details
Banff IGAPer Sobeys’ Policy
BayshoreMarch 24, 2020March 24 Bayshore Update
Black VelvetAwaiting details
BurnbraeMarch 16, 2020Driver Communication
Posted Sign
Factory Protocol
CargillMarch 26, 2020COVID-19 Passive Screening
Passive Screening Guard Shack
March 23 Letter to President Hesse
Active Screening Notice
Calgary QuestMarch 12, 2020Email
Canada MaltingAwaiting details
Cavendish FarmsMarch 26, 2020Financial Support Memo
Central Alberta Co-opMarch 26, 2020Communicable Disease Policy
March 26 Employee FAQ
CFB EdmontonApril 1, 2020Guide for Managers
CANEX Letter
April 1 Update
CiveoMarch 31, 2020March 1 Memo to Employees
March 12 Screening Form
March 16 Employee Guidelines
March 16 Social Media Policy
March 16 Statement re Borealis
March 16 Corporate Comms Policy
March 18 Update to Employees
March 30 Exemption Status
Compass GroupMarch 12, 2020March 2 Update (Eng)
March 2 Update Appendix
March 2 Update Appendix (Fr)
March 9 Update (Eng)
Concorde Baggage ServicesAwaiting details
Core MarkMarch 17, 2020March 17 Communication
CRWPer Sobeys’ policy
Elbow River CasinoMarch 17, 2020CLOSED March 17, 2020
Government of Alberta
called State of Emergency
Excel Resources SocietyMarch 22, 2020Gov’t About COVID-19
AHS How to Wash Hands
Gov’t COVID-19 Fact Sheet
AHS FAQ for Staff
Forest Lawn SobeysPer Sobeys’ Policy
Gate GourmetMarch 13, 3030Email to Union
Gateway CasinosMarch 17, 2020March 6 One Pager
March 6 FAQ
March 6 Prevent the Spread
March 12 Employee Newsletter
March 17 Urgent Update
to Employees

CLOSED March 17, 2020
How to Apply for EI
March 19 Info for Employees
Hilton Garden Inn –
Downtown Calgary
April 1, 2020COVID Policy
JBS FoodsMarch 12, 2020Safety Tailgate
Posting March 18
JBS Incentive
March 30, 2020March 6 Coronavirus Update
March 13 Update
March 17 Update
Note: There is a link on Flip specific to COVID-19
updates that all colleagues can access to keep informed
Lunchroom Sign
Pay Protection Program Change
Lucerne CommissaryPer Sobeys’ Policy
MasterfeedsMarch 17, 2020Coronavirus Policy
Social Distancing at
Manufacturing Facilities

Exposure to Confirmed Cases
Visitor Screening Form
Positive Test Response
Potential Exposure Note
Maple Leaf FoodsAwaiting details
McKessonMarch 19, 2020Update English
Update French
Do and Do Not English
Do and Do Not French
Reduce the Spread English
Reduce the Spread French
Return to Canada English
Return to Canada French
March 19 Questionnaire
Medicine Hat Co-opMarch 17, 2020Per South Country Co-op Policy
Mountain Creek FarmsMarch 17, 2020Per JBS’ Policy
North-central Co-opMarch 24, 2020Action Plan
Team Members
Stop the Spread
March 24 Action Plan
Old Dutch FoodsMarch 13, 2020Plan Member Information
COVID-19 Policy and Procedure
Olymel SECMarch 13, 2020March 13 Memo
Operating Engineers 955March 12, 2020AHS Recommendations
Pandemic Response Guidelines
Manulife Confirmation of Illness Form
P&H MillingMarch 31, 2020Pandemic Response Plan
March 31 Policy
Premier HorticultureMarch 24, 2020Memorandum
RAHR MaltingMarch 12, 2020Facility Notice
Visitor Health Screening Form
Red LobsterAwaiting details
Refresco GroupMarch 26, 2020March 19 Refresco Policy
Crisis Bonus – Letter to Union
Crisis Bonus – Letter to Employees
Revera LivingApril 3, 2020Letter to Employees
Letter to Union
Cohorting Letter Leave
Cohorting Letter Stay
Richardson OilseedMarch 24, 2020Feb 4 Memo to Employees
March 13 Memo to Employees
Travel Restrictions and
School Closures

March 24 Update
Safeway (Retail stores,
liquor stores, and
gas bars)
Per Sobeys’ Policy
Save On FoodsMarch 17, 2020Email to Union
Shaw Conference CentreMarch 20, 2020Employee Resource
Instructions for Public Health
(includes all Safeway stores,
liquor stores, and gas bars;
CRW; Lucerne Commissary;
Forest Lawn Sobeys;
and Banff IGA)
April 4, 2020March 14 Memo from Michael Medline
Update 8
March 17 Retail Update
March 18 Retail Update
March 19 Update
March 19 Michael Medline Letter
Proper Glove Use
Hand Hygiene
Proper Mask Use
COVID-10 Leave Form
March 21 Retail Update
March 22 Hero Pay Program
March 25 Update
March 26 Employee Cheat Sheet
March 29 Resusable Bags
March 29 Letter of Understanding
April 1 Sobeys Updated
Policies (Zip Folder)
April 1 Update
April 3 Cheat Sheet
Sanitation of PPE
Working Together Safely (Non-pharm)
Working Together Safely (Pharm)
Sofina FoodsApril 1, 2020March 6 Update
Confirmation of Illness
Employee FAQ
April 1 FAQs
South Country Co-opMarch 15, 2020March 10 – Communicable disease policy
SunterraMarch 12, 2020March 12 Information
March 12 Measures
Taber Co-opMarch 17, 2020Per South Country Co-op Policy
Trophy FoodsMarch 17, 2020March 11 Coronavirus Update
Social Distancing
March 13 Coronavirus Update
Vision Loss
Rehabilitation Services
March 16, 2020March 13 Action Plan
March 16 Communication
March 17 Update
West Coast Reduction LtdMarch 25, 2020Policy
Wage Premium
WOW! Factor DessertsMarch 12, 2020Pandemic Preparation