Labour Day BBQs

The labour movement in Alberta has a long and proud history of serving the needs of the community and shining a much-needed spotlight on issues involving inequity and the most vulnerable in our communities.

Every Labour Day, there are events all over the province celebrating workers and raising awareness about issues affecting the employed, unemployed and underemployed. Two events that we are most proud to be a part of are the Labour Day barbeques put on by the Edmonton & District Labour Council in Edmonton and the Calgary & District Labour Council in Calgary.

Held in easily accessible central locations over the years, and with the help of other unions including UFCW, both the EDLC (since 1989) and CDLC (since 2009), serve up free burgers, hot dogs and soft drinks to thousands in each city who struggle to make ends meet, or who live on the street.

These events also generate media interest and are widely reported, giving us the opportunity to talk about the current challenges facing Albertans and all that still needs to be addressed.

The barbeques are a proud part of Alberta’s history and we remain dedicated to our involvement and providing support to these important annual events.


Calgary 2015

Edmonton 2015