Women’s Committee

The UFCW 401 Women’s Committee is dedicated to bringing forward important issues affecting the membership.

Approximately 54% of Local 401’s membership are women.

As a committee, we believe that the issues women face today have both social and economic implications that are relevant to the union and our communities and are not solely “women’s issues”. Child, elder and dependent care are some of the issues that we continue to work on.  Other important issues the committee works on involve sexual assault and domestic violence as well as lobbying for a national inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women.

Equal opportunities where wage rates and job opportunities are concerned are just a couple of the areas we focus on with regard to negotiating new Collective Agreements.

We recognize and appreciate the support of our brothers in our battle for fairness, equality and safety in our workplaces and communities. We cannot, in fact, do it without them.

We encourage our sisters throughout the province to join 401’s Women’s Committee in order to grow awareness of issues and education.