The Grant Notley Memorial Scholarship

Do I fit the following, for the Grant Notley Memorial Scholarship?

  • Scholarships are available to union members of Local 401 and their immediate families.
  • Immediate families shall include, and be limited to, spouse, children and grandchildren.
  • The members of the Scholarship Committee and their immediate families shall be excluded from this compensation.
  • Any individuals who have previously received a Grant Notley Memorial Scholarship are also exempt.
  • Only applicants who have been a member or are sponsored by another family member with at least six months’ seniority as of December 31st, 2023 will be considered.
  • An application consists of the two essays described in Part 1 and Part 2 below, plus the information required in Part 3.
  • There are no other forms to be filled out.

The criteria of these scholarships are:

Part One

Prepare a short essay or essay and video, which will address all of the following:

Educational background, employment history, skills, hobbies, interests, organizations and clubs you have belonged to, future goals (i.e. 5 year projection), and how this scholarship would assist you.

Part Two

Write an essay containing at least 1500 words – double spaced, OR a 500 word essay – double spaced, with a 10 minute video on one of these 3 topics (video submissions are strongly encouraged):

  1. What UFCW 401 membership means to my family
  2. The importance of why UFCW 401 organizes unorganized workers
  3. Why being involved in social justice is important for unions

Part Three

You must indicate where you work and state the approximate date you became a member (where applicable). In the case of family member applications, please state the same information as requested above, and indicate your relationship to the union member whose name you are using to apply. Scholarships may vary in value up to $2000.00. Decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final. Recipients must be as full-time students accepted at, and attending, an accredited post-secondary institution in the school year commencing the fall of 2023. Please provide proof of registration along with your submission. All applications must be accompanied by a passport size photo. Scholarships will be awarded by the end of February 2024.


Mail Submissions

Please address all applications to:
Scholarship Committee
UFCW Local 401
14040 128 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5L 4M8
(780) 452-0362 or 1-800-252-7975


Online Submissions

    If not, who are you applying under?

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