Broadbent Institute

The Broadbent Institute was established in 2011. It’s main goal, according it its founder, Ed Broadbent, is to focus on ensuring the flourishing of rights and privileges that Canadians hold dear. Consistently we have said that we want healthy government pensions, universal healthcare and other social programs that support all Canadians when in times of need as well as the protection of trade union rights.

The Broadbent Institute provides a much-needed counter to the right-wing think tanks and organizations that exist all over Canada.  Corporations have very deep pockets and often spend a lot of money toward seeing their interests are advanced.  Sometimes this is through political means, and others through “studies” by these right-wing think tanks that often provide a very one-sided viewpoint on a range of issues.  The Broadbent Institute is one of the important organizations we have as working people to ensure that thoughtful analysis of issues affecting us day-to-day is being done.

As Mr. Broadbent has said, “Our hopes are not unrealistic. We are pragmatists as much as dreamers. And our fight must continue.” We couldn’t agree more and are proud to support the great work coming out of this institute.