Coalition of Edmonton Civic Unions

Formed in 1993 and representing over 8,000 members, the Coalition of Edmonton Civic Unions consists of five unions joined together on the basis of mutual interest and coordinated collective action.

These five unions, which meet on a regular basis are: Amalgamated Transit Union 569, Civic Service Union 52, Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 30, Edmonton Fire Fighters Union Local 209 and UFCW Local 401. While Local 401 is not a civic union – we are in fact a private sector union – our relationship with the city through our union members who work at Edmonton’s Shaw Conference Centre created the need for involvement in the CECU.  We are proud to have participated in this coalition since 2002.

By gathering and sharing information, the Coalition of Edmonton Civic Unions seeks to promote strong relationships between unions and provide a forum to discuss and find solutions for common issues facing the labour movement today.