What is a Good Grocery Store?

Not all grocery stores are the same. From the perspectives of retail grocery store workers, here’s what a good grocery store is all about…


Where safety actually comes first

The health and safety of employees is the first priority at all times, and the work environment is assessed every day to ensure the safety of the people who work there.

Where pandemic procedures are enforced

People come before profits, especially during a pandemic. That means premium pay for employees, enforced physical distancing rules, solid sanitation and hygiene measures; and extra hours for staff to avoid shortcuts.

Where employees are supported and heard

Health and safety in the workplace is an employer’s responsibility, but no workplace can function well without employees who feel supported. There must be sufficient staffing levels to ensure the work gets done in a safe manner, and employees should be readily accommodated for any disabilities or difficulties they experience.

Abusive behaviour towards store employees should never be tolerated.

There must also be an active Joint Worksite Health and Safety Committee that meets often, includes an equal number of worker and management representatives, carries our regular inspections, proactively identifies hazards, and ensures follow-up on concerns.

If these kinds of things aren’t happening at your store, let’s take action to make things better.

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Where employees have predictable wage increases

Wages across the retail industry need to be improved. But in many grocery stores, these are minimum wage jobs with no clear opportunity for anyting more. Wage increases need to be guaranteed and should follow a predictable formula based on the time you put in. Wage increases should not be dependent on the whims of a manager.

Where employees have benefits and can access them

Many grocery store workers have families to support and commit to flexible hours in order to do that. Employees should have extended health and dental benefits while they work and a pension for when they retire.

When employees have questions about their benefits, answers should be readily available.

Where employees have a voice

While many have called grocery store workers “essential” or “heroes,” there are situations where grocery store workers are not always treated that way. Customers can be difficult for a number of reasons. But in situations where “the customer is always right,” some managers can be less supportive of employees than they need to be.

For many grocery store workers, working at a good grocery store means being treated with dignity and respect and having a voice in the workplace. It means someone has your back.

It also really means getting together and supporting each other as workers.

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