Grant Notley Memorial Scholarship

The Grant Notley Memorial Scholarship was made for the creative, out-of-the-box thinkers who will be leaders in the next generation of the labour movement. It focuses on social justice and on an informed grasp of how union membership, and specifically membership in UFCW Local 401, has an impact on our families.

Scholarships are available to union members of UFCW Local 401 and their immediate families. Immediate families shall include, and be limited to: spouse, children, and grandchildren. The members of the Scholarship Committee and their immediate families shall be excluded from this compensation. Any individuals who have previously received a Grant Notley Memorial Scholarship are also exempt. An application consists of the two essays described in Part One and Part Two below, plus the information required in Part Three. There are no other forms.

PLEASE NOTE: Only applicants who have been a member or are sponsored by another family member with at least six months’ seniority as of December 31st, 2024 will be considered.