JBS: Sharing Candy Canes

As we gather ’round the JBS tree,

A festive spirit fills the air.

We share some laughs and make some cheer,

And show each other that we care.

With candy canes in hand, we roam,

Delivering sweet surprises to our colleagues.

They’re greeted with a smile and a warm, “Merry Christmas!”

And we watch their faces light up with joy.

We take a moment to stop and chat,

Exchanging tales of holiday cheer.

It’s a time to connect and bond,

To let our friendships grow and thrive.

So let’s raise a candy cane to friendship,

To laughter and to love.

May this holiday season bring us all

Peace, joy, and blessings from above.

“Our first Greeting Card and Candy Cane handout was a joyful bonding experience for everyone who participated in the preparation, distribution, and receipt of the gifts. The heartfelt appreciation and smiles on the faces of our members made the event a resounding success. Thanks to Catherine, Abdalateef, Adriana, Roger, Khalid, Modesto, Andrei, Hayat, Felix, Abdulhakim, and Sharmaake! Wishing everyone a happy holiday season and heartfelt season greetings!” – Geoff Warren, Relief Rep UFCW Local 401