Betty Wong – Retirement

Betty has spent the last 29 years of her career serving the needs of her Safeway customers working in the front end as a cashier, in customer service, file maintenance, ISR, conducting new hire orientations and cashier training, as well as helping to organize food fairs and other charity events in her store.

It’s no wonder she needed to retire to focus on the many activities she’d like to do! When we asked her what was top of her list, Betty tells us she plans to travel more, golf, garden, see friends more often, do more yoga, and volunteer wherever she can.

“I just want to do more of everything that I never had the time or energy to do when I was working,” she tells us.

When she’s not reading, doing puzzles, crocheting, or creating beautiful origami, she plans to join a bowling or curling league, as well as learn more about the constellations.

“I am a very social person and love the company of others,” she continues. “That’s probably why my job at Safeway was so great; it gave me the opportunity to engage with many people, both familiar and new.”

Betty, you’re a very special person and we admire your energy, community spirit, and commitment to creating connections that serve all those around you so well. We wish you a wonderful, long, and happy retirement, and thank you for your membership in UFCW 401.

Betty receives her UFCW retirement gift from Walking Steward Cat

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