Cheryl Cullen – Retirement

Cheryl is one of those workers who is extremely well-rounded in her capabilities as a worker. In her 33 years at Safeway, Cheryl has been a Courtesy Clerk, Cashier, Grocery Clerk, and a GM Operator. She has also been a Shop Steward for her fellow union members since 1988!

During her time as a union activist, Cheryl has attended labour schools and was also a picket captain during the 75 day 1997 Safeway strike.

She is currently on the hunt for a cabin in the woods and will be packing up all her possessions and moving to the Maritimes. After they settle in, she plans on hiking and cycling through the countryside and many trails the east coast has to offer.

“I’d like to give a big ‘thank you’ to my brothers and sisters in the union for the spuport I have received,” she declares.

And thank YOU, Cheryl, for your years of dedicated service to your coworkers, fellow union members, and your community. Congratulations and enjoy your much-deserved retirement!

Cheryl is excited to start a new chapter out east!

Cheryl is excited to start a new chapter out east!

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