Debra Daper – Retirement

Debra retired several years ago from Safeway but only recently picked up her retirement ring and so we caught up with her to find out what she’s been up to and how retirement is treating her.

After serving as a Shop Steward and Executive Board member, and working for 10 years in many different areas of the store (cashier and the office, deli, Starbucks, and grocery), she tells us she continues to keep very busy.

“I’ve been travelling with my husband and spending a lot of time with family out East,” she says.

On top of travelling and spending time with loved ones, she has also been enjoying the great outdoors with gardening and camping.

We’re thrilled you finally received your retirement gift and that you seem to be knocking this whole retirement gig right out of the park! Thank you for your dedicated service to your coworkers and your community, Debra. Enjoy!

Debra Draper

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