Eckart Schoenberg – Retirement

Eckart is one of our latest members to enter the wonderful world of retirement.  After 34 years at ADM Milling working in the warehouse, packing, mix plant, and even in the mill, he has some wonderful and exciting plans.

Travel, riding his bike, volunteer work, and just relaxing and enjoying the fruits of his labour are first on his agenda.  A close second, however, is finding a billiard club where he can find some “cut-throat” games to compete in!

“I tried to work hard every day… probably didn’t succeed but I tried,” Eckart jokes.

Well, Eckart, we are super sparked you are now going to have some “you time” and we want you to have the best retirement possible after all these years of hard work… most days.  😉

Congratulations, brother!

Eckart Schoenberg is presented with his retirement ring by Chief Steward Pat (L) and Steward Eddie (R)

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