Jene Chan – Retirement

It is with mixed emotion that we say goodbye to our friend and ally, Jene. After working at the Cargill meat processing plant in High River, he is embarking on his well-earned retirement. While we are happy he is now able to spend time doing what he wants, we are sad to see him go.

Through his 27 years at the plant, Jene not only worked in processing CHR/CCR, he also served his coworkers as a Chief Shop Steward. Additionally, he sat on the union’s negotiating committee over the years and represented his fellow Cargill workers with passion and heart.

“I am proud to have represented members in both High River and at Cargill Case Ready,” Jene happily tells us.

Since the pandemic hit, he’s not made any plans, but once it’s safe to do so, he’ll be pursuing a number of interests. At the moment, he’s going to enjoy getting out for fresh air by doing some fishing.

Congratulations, Jene. We thank you for your years of dedication and service to your fellow Cargill workers and wish you the very best in your retirement.

Jene receives his ring from Union Rep Ben

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