Jo-Ann Thiessen – Retirement

Never one to sit idle and watch the world go by, Jo-Ann started back in 1989 and pursued a full-time job very early in her Safeway career. In fact, she sent so many full-time request letters that she received a visit from her District Manager, who just had to meet the woman who was sending all those full-time requests! Jo-Ann got her full-time position and has thrived in many areas of the stores she’s worked at. Doing demos, working as a Health & Safety rep (trained, in part, through her union), Courtesy Clerk, Cashier, File Maintenance, and First Aider to name a few.

“The variety of jobs I did was so fulfilling and I enjoyed every one of them,” she tells us. “That variety also made it easier for me to continue working as long as I have for the last nearly 34 years.”

Jo-Ann plans to focus on herself and her needs in her retirement. This will include getting more active so that she can enjoy her retirement in the healthiest ways possible. She and her husband also plan on driving to Ontario to visit family and take their time enjoying them and all that the local area has to offer.

She also has hobbies and plans to enjoy crocheting and looks forward to learning how to make greeting cards.

You’ve had one stellar career, Jo-Ann. And we wish you the very best in your wonderful plans to enjoy your retirement. Thank you for your involvement in your union, and your contributions to your workplace and community. You will be missed by all.

Happy retirement, Jo-Ann!

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