Justin Eng – Scholarship

Congratulations to Justin for being one of the latest winners of the Robert McWilliams Memorial Scholarship!

The son of one our members, Justin has taken an interest in unions and likes to follow some of the current local’s events and checks out the UFCW 401 website from time to time to keep up to date on recent activities.

Attending the University of Calgary, Justin plans on pursuing a Masters/Graduate Degree in community or population health. He also intends to travel abroad in exchange student programs, as well as working during the summer in the area of health research.

“I plan to go directly into a graduate studies program after my undergrad, and eventually build enough education and experience to apply to medical school,” Justin shares.

When he’s not studying, he likes to unwind by reading topics covering history and political science.

Thank you so much for applying for this scholarship, Justin. We wish you the very best in your endeavours and in your future successes in the field of medicine and research. There has not been more of a need for great minds in this field in decades, and we are excited for your contributions!

Justin visits the union office to pick up his scholarship cheque

Justin visits the union office to pick up his scholarship cheque

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