Ken Lee – Retirement

After an impressive career of nearly 50 years, Ken is entering the wonderful world of retirement as he moves on from Safeway. Over his nearly 5 decades he worked in the grocery department and also served as 3rd man, relief assistant manager, and the store’s safety person.

Now that his time will be his own, Ken tells us that he plans to travel south and join the snow bird club. Having a bit of the travel bug, he also looks forward to visiting Europe and the South Pacific. He will also be doing some local travel in his new motor home with family and friends.

Also in the cards will be getting back to golfing, running, hiking, biking, woodworking, and painting.

“I am very thankful for the opportunities that I’ve enjoyed while working for Canada Safeway,” Ken tells us. “I’m also thankful for having a union like ours, for taking care of myself and all the employees all of these years.”

We will miss you, Ken, and wish you a long, healthy, and happy retirement doing all the things you love with all your favourite people. Congratulations, brother!

Ken picks up his union retirement gift from the office

Ken picks up his union retirement gift from the office

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