Kennedy Quantz – Scholarship

Every year, nationwide, UFCW offers dozens of scholarships to assist members in achieving their educational goals and dreams. There are more than 25 scholarships, bursaries, awards and grants – totalling more than $300,000 – available to UFCW Canada members and family members.

One of these many scholarships, the Beggs-Dowling-Mathieu (BDM) Scholarship, is offered to all UFCW members across Canada. This year, one of the 18 recipients is Local 401’s very own Kennedy Quantz.

When not attending school, Kennedy works part-time as a Coffee Bar Server at Safeway in Calgary, making her eligible for the BDM Scholarship.

She is in her final year of her Bachelor of Arts in Behavioural Sciences degree.

“My courses focus on the topics of psychology and sociology broadly, but they truly focus on people,” Kennedy tells us. “As people, we are constantly changing, learning, and growing, which makes humans such a fascinating area of study. My career will involve helping others.”

While she hasn’t made any concrete plans on what direction her career path will take, she is certain that providing support, advocating for, and leading others is her true calling.

“I am incredibly grateful for this scholarship as it will allow me to focus on finishing my last year of school well before I graduate in spring 2021,” she says.

And we are incredibly grateful for your membership in this great union and we wish you a fruitful and successful career, no matter where you land. Congratulations on winning this scholarship, Kennedy. It was well earned.

This year's BDM Scholarship winner, Kennedy Quantz

This year's BDM Scholarship winner, Kennedy Quantz

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