Koon Chin – Retirement

After 29 years at McKesson Canada, Koon is one of the lucky ones who is hanging up his work boots in exchange for some retirement sneakers (or flip flops).

Having worked as a merchandiser and then in the narcotics vault until his retirement, he is very much looking forward to doing some traveling and camping. He also enjoys playing badminton, researching topics of interest on the internet, and keeping in touch with family and friends from far away places through social media.

Koon also supported his picket line during 66-day strike in the summer of 2010. He was a valued voice and presence in the struggle for a fair union contract.

Thank you for your years of membership and activity in supporting your coworkers, Koon. We wish you a wonderful and rewarding retirement.

Koon picks up his retirement ring from his local union office

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