Lucy Huang – Scholarship

Our latest Grant Notley Memorial Scholarship winner is the the daughter of one of our amazing 401 members.

Lucy is attending the University of Calgary and studying Chemical Engineering.  While there she keeps active in a variety of extracurriculars like Engineers Without Borders.

She has also created her own organization, Make a Change Africa Scholarship Initiative where she helps girls in Uganda find available scholarships in order to advance their educational opportunities.

Once she completes her engineering program, Lucy plans to work as a Chemical Engineer.

“But first I’d really live to travel and explore countries and places I have never been and immerse myself in new cultures,” Lucy says.

Lucy, we wish you all the very best in your lofty endeavours and know that you will do great and wonderful things for those around you and yourself.  You’re the bee’s knees, keep up the great humanitarian work!

Lucy pictured here with her Union Rep Jeff

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