Mary Rea – Retirement

After nearly 44 years at Agropur (formerly Lucerne Milk Plant), Mary is excited to start her retirement after a very busy career.

Mary was a pillar in her workplace, helping countless people over the decades with all sorts of workplace issues and being a wealth of knowledge for all questions that came her way. Mary was a Shop Steward and an Executive Board Member, as well as serving on the Local’s Women’s Committee and numerous sets of negotiations as a union bargaining committee member. For a short period of time, she also served as a relief Union Representative.

When asked what her retirement plans are, Mary tells us that she is looking forward to spending time with her family, volunteering at working with seniors, taking on some home renovations, and getting things organized in her home. Though it sounds like she’ll be just as busy in retirement as she was at the milk plant, she assures us that she will be unwinding with crossword puzzles and watching all her favourite sports.

“Now that I won’t be on my feet all day at work, I also hope to do a lot more walking, which I have always liked,” she shares.

Congratulations, Mary. The hole that you leave is a big one. You will be missed by many but we could not be more excited for you and a long, healthy, and happy retirement. Take care, sister.

Long time activist and member Mary receives her retirement watch

Long time activist and member Mary receives her retirement watch

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