Mike Porteous – Retirement

Congratulations Mike

We would like to congratulate, Mike Porteous of Cott Beverages in Calgary on his retirement. Mike is the first Cott member to actually retire from Cott Beverages which is a milestone. His last day of being a “working-stiff” will be Aug 8th of this year. When asked what his plans are for retirement, being a man of very few words, he indicated he has no extravagant plans for retirement other than staying in Calgary and just catching his breath and enjoying his well-deserved time off.

Mike worked at Cott for over 20 years, starting as a temporary worker and worked in many different positions before finally settling into the position of Sanitation Technician. He is a very strong union member and much loved by everyone in the plant, including his dear friend and UFCW 401 Secretary Treasurer, Theresa McLaren.

We wish you all the best in your well deserved retirement, Mike.

Mike Porteous Retirement

Mike Porteous (right) next to Theresa McLaren (left)

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