Ray Clark – Retirement

Starting off at Rahr Malting in operations, Ray moved to electrical maintenance about 8 years ago and now he’s ready for the wonderful world of retirement.

During his time at the plant, Ray was very active in helping his fellow co-workers. From serving as a Shop Steward to being a member of the union negotiating committee for 5 separate Collective Agreement renewals, he has always had his co-workers’ backs in being their voice when needed.

Now that Ray will have time to pursue the things he wants to, he tells us that he plans to golf as much as he can. He also thinks getting back to coaching baseball may be in his future as well!

Thank you for your dedication to those you worked with over the years, Ray. We wish you all the best in your well-earned retirement, and you will be missed.

Ray (L) receives his retirement watch from Shop Steward Mike

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