Roseann Frankiw – Retirement

After 42 years and working in several different stores, starting with Woodwards Food Floor in Northgate, Roseann is saying farewell to the many wonderful people she worked with.

“There were ups and downs, but I met a lot of nice people and worked with great staff in my 42 years,” she beams.

Now that she has time for herself and her loved ones, she is looking forward to pursue her love of cooking, travel, and participating in fun outdoor activities. She plans to see more of the world and hit the slopes as often as she can. Not one to limit her interests, she is also excited to do more gardening and has joined a Ukrainian dance group to keep herself busy.

Congratulations, Roseann. We are thrilled for your future plans and wish you a long and wonderfully adventurous retirement!

Roseann is excited about new adventures

Roseann is excited about new adventures

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