Shane Yeomans – Retirement

After an admirable 43 years at Edmonton’s Agropur Milk Plant, Shane is looking forward to just taking some time for himself to relax and enjoy his ranch.  There’s lots of work that needs to be done at home and between balancing work on the homestead and taking time to do a bit of not much, he is very much looking forward to his first year of retirement.

Once he gets things tidied up and sorted away, he will throw himself into his hobbies.  Golfing, fishing, riding his motorcycle, and camping top his list of hobbies he plans to do more of.  He also is very much looking forward to spending more time with his grand children, taking them to their soccer matches and school, and just hanging out with them.

Your plans sound fabulous, Shane.  Congratulations and all the best!

Shane is ready for reap the rewards of retirement

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