Shawky El- Mougy – Scholarship

Shawky is one of our recent winners of the Grant Notley Memorial Scholarship and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to him.

Having only worked at Superstore since December 2015, Shawky was surprised to hear of all the benefits that come with having a unionized job.  He has had an opportunity to see his union in action and all that it brings and says that he would gladly work in unionized workplaces in the future due to his positive experience with Local 401.

Newly enrolled at NAIT in the 2 year program of Instrumentation Engineering Technology, he already has a degree in electrical mechanical engineering and has worked with robotics.  Once he has completed his latest degree, Shawky plans to get into the medical field, and if it works with his new career he also plans to stay on at Superstore in order to continue enjoying the many benefits like free educational courses through UFCW Canada’s webCampus, which is also available for free to his family.

He credits working at Superstore as a cashier, in part, with being able to overcome some of his shy tendencies, which he saw as a barrier to communication with people.  He says that working with the public in a fast-paced environment has helped him overcome this shyness and has helped with his English skills as well.

Shawky says he is honoured to have won the Grant Notley Memorial Scholarship, but it is also UFCW 401 that is honoured to have another wonderful member to boast about.  Congratulations!

Shawky El-Mougy poses with his Union Rep Dee Mae

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