Simran Sidhu – Scholarship

Simran Sidhu is currently in her third year as a Dietitian student at the University of Alberta. After a 1-month internship in a hospital, and a long-term care facility in Hanna and Coronation, she was inspired to pursue a Registered Dietitian position in long-term care. As a part of her degree, she will be required to complete a 1-year internship during her 4th year and will relocate to different cities in Alberta during the internship to gain experience.

“I really enjoyed working with the elderly population and provide nutrition advice to promote health and well-being,” Simran shares. “This scholarship will assist me with the costs of relocation, paying for accommodations, and tuition during my internship.”

In addition to pursuing an education at University of Alberta, she also works at a not-for-profit organization in Red Deer for the past 4 years. She has worked as an Employment Counsellor where she assisted vulnerable youth and adults with disabilities find meaningful job opportunities and connect to the labour market. She worked with program participants one-on-one and held group workshops to help them develop their skills such as communication, time management, resume building, interviewing, and many more. She also volunteered at the Red Deer Regional Hospital where she assisted patients prepping for their diagnostic scans.

Within the community, she is also a member of the Punjabi Culture Society in Red Deer, where she helps organize cultural events for the Punjabi Community and to promote diversity and preserve the culture.

“There are many things I enjoy doing in my spare time and one of them is bhangra. I participated on a bhangra team where we performed Punjabi folk dances such as bhangra and giddha to connect with our Punjabi culture,” she says. “I also really enjoy gardening during the summer and being able to incorporate the vegetables and herbs I’ve grown into my meals.”

Simran, we wish you the absolute best in your future goals and aspirations. Thank you so much for applying for this scholarship and allowing UFCW Local 401 the opportunity to assist in some small way in your lofty goals.

Simran drops by the union office to pick up her scholarship cheque

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