Tony Lee – Retirement

We send our heartfelt congratulations to union activist Tony, who is thrilled to be entering into his well-earned retirement after 32 years working in the Mill Room at West Coast Reduction.

After years of representing his fellow workers as a UFCW 401 shop steward, Tony plans on spending his free time travelling, enjoying time with his family, and learning to cook some great new dishes for his loved ones.

“I want to take on fishing as a new hobby, as well as hunting,” Tony tells us.

Perhaps his exploration of new recipes will involve his catch of the day from his new hobby!

“It’s been a nice 32 years working with everyone and the union,” he concludes.

Thank you for your service to working people and 401 members, Tony. While you will be missed, we wish you a long, healthy, and happy retirement.

Tony shows off his new gold 401 retirement ring

Tony shows off his new gold 401 retirement ring

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