Xena Veltman – Scholarship

Recently, it was our privilege to present Xena with her Grant Notley Memorial Scholarship, which she qualified to apply for because her mom, Kara, is a UFCW 401 member out of Lethbridge.

Currently enrolled at the University of Lethbridge, Xena is an undergrad student with a liberal education minor, and is working toward a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

She is a member of the Lethbridge Psych Club, and spends time volunteering with the Lethbridge Police Department in victim services. Xena is preparing herself, through her volunteer work, to become a trauma-focused therapist for first responders.

We wish you much luck and success in your noble endeavour to serve and help those who are there for us in our most trying times. Congratulations on your scholarship win, Xena!

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