We are kicking off bargaining, and we’re here with our first message from the bargaining table for you. If you’d rather watch your update, check out the video below.

Link to first Alsco Video Update on Youtube

We are pleased to be able to introduce your bargaining team. Chris O’Halloran, Executive Director UFCW Local 401 and your Spokesperson at negotiations; Rick Schneider, your Union Labour Relations Officer, once your contract is ratified; and your fellow Alsco co-workers, Jim Harrington and Christopher Prime.

Your bargaining committee has spent the last three days meeting with Alsco and has made some excellent progress on what is typically referred to as non-monetary items.

Non-monetary items refer to issues that aren’t cost-related. These issues include the scope of the bargaining unit (i.e., who is represented by the collective agreement and who is not), the grievance procedure, union rights, and seniority. So far, we have gotten a lot of these non-monetary items agreed to, and we’re going to keep working away on these items before moving into the monetary items.

Your bargaining committee will be back at the bargaining table June 2nd – 3rd, and then again the following week on June 9th – 10th.

You will see our written updates after every week of bargaining to inform you about important Alsco members’ meetings that will come up throughout negotiations.

We believe in open bargaining, which means that we will share the company’s proposals linked here with you and the union’s proposals linked here, now and throughout negotiations. So that way, you can see and know what’s going on and what’s happening.

If you ever need anything, please feel free that you can reach out to us and chat with us about what’s happening with bargaining. And, if you do need an update on something specific, please feel free to reach out to either Rick Schneider or Chris O’Halloran.

Your bargaining committee,
Jim Harrington,
Christopher Prime,
Rick Schneider,
Chris O’Halloran