ALSCO: Certified & Ready to Bargain!

After a successful vote and certification, UFCW Local 401 is home to approximately 20 new members. UFCW Canada Local 401 is proud to welcome these newest members, the drivers from Alsco Canada Corporation. 

“The moment I met the drivers at Alsco, I knew they were ready for whatever it took to get a contract,” stated Chris O’Halloran, UFCW 401’s Executive Director. “With the Union’s power behind them, these members have strengthened their voice and ability to improve their working conditions and personal and family well-being dramatically.”  

The Alsco drivers have some very challenging working conditions. Somedays, they work anywhere from 8-14 hours in the worst driving conditions. They put their health and safety on the line every time they go on the road for those long hours. It’s thus unsurprising that these drivers have some other deep concerns to be handled at the bargaining table. 

The workers at Alsco play a critical health and safety service in our province by keeping our heavy-duty industrial workwear, uniforms, restaurant and hospital linens, nonslip floor mats, floor care products, washroom, and first-aid supplies clean, safe and healthy for everyone to use.

As a company, Alsco is very experienced in union negotiations as they have numerous collective agreements across Canada. They know the issues but need the encouragement of a united workforce to fix them.

UFCW Local 401 is eager to begin working with its newest members and the management at Alsco to form a new collective agreement. The drivers at Alsco are looking for specific changes in the workplace, and the Union will negotiate with management to get these crucial reforms.