ALSCO: Don’t Go Into Battle Without Your Shield

September 15, 2022 -Alsco Drivers in Edmonton have been pushed to their final option and will now have the chance to join the UFCW Canada National Defense Fund (NDF). To find out more about the NDF click here.

The NDF is Alsco Drivers guarantee that, in the event of a strike or lockout, not only will the Union have the resources to fight Alsco on their behalf, but they will receive extra strike benefits to reduce the impact of the strike on them and their family.

On the last day of bargaining, the employer tabled wage reductions, which is unacceptable these days with inflation through the roof!

Just remember, Alsco members, UFCW Local 401 will use all our resources across the country to help you get a fair offer.

The NDF has been at the forefront of many of the biggest battles workers have seen with questionable employers in recent years. From the multi-province strike against industry giant Maple Leaf to Quebec’s struggles with retail stores Super C, IGA and Maxi. 

Let’s show Alsco we are ready!

Watch your email inboxes! Ballots to vote will be coming to you on September 20!

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