Avenue Living: Building Work-Life Balance?

Congratulations to the maintenance workers of Avenue Living in Lloydminster. They applied for union certification at their workplace today, May 5, 2022.

These workers are responsible for renovating and maintaining 11 apartment buildings with around 900 different living units. 

These jobs are gruelling. It would not be unusual for an employee to work a 12-hour shift, go home, then get a call to fix a resident’s unit at 3 am. Then they must be back for work for their regular schedule a few hours later. This cycle can go on for while if the units are having trouble. 

These maintenance workers take great pride in their jobs. They love fixing these units, and the clients appreciate and value their work.

When the Avenue Living maintenance workers reached out to us, we explained what to expect from the company during the voting process. 

The Avenue Living maintenance workers have taken a bold step to get the dignity and respect they deserve from their employer. Let’s give them all the support they need from our union family to let them know they got this!!!