Avenue Living Bargaining: Proposal Meeting

Avenue Living members have come a long way. This group of workers is the first to unionize in all Avenue Living locations across Canada. We will now get to the bargaining table with the company and look to fulfill the reasons why you joined UFCW Local 401. Our bargaining dates are: 

  • October 11-14 
  • October 24-27
  • December 5-8
  • January 10-13

Our Bargaining Committee members are Alan Ripley, Cornelius Charlery, Chris O’Halloran, and Jason Parrell.

We build better workplaces with solid collective agreements that make sense for each workplace. The articles in a collective agreement are the tools that we use to construct those agreements. That’s why we need our members to send in their proposal ideas. The members help us select the right tools for the job through this proposal process.

Please click this link and fill out the survey. Please answer the questions, so your bargaining team can make the best proposals.

We will have a Zoom meeting with all Lloydminster Avenue Living members to discuss our proposals package on Wednesday, October 5, at 7:30 pm. 

We look forward to building a working relationship with Avenue Living.

Keep an eye on your emails and text messages! Your bargaining team will update you regularly about negotiations as the process unfolds.

Great job, everyone; stand strong!