Avis Bargaining Update: Monetary Talks Begin

Your union bargaining committee went back to the bargaining table with the company on May 17th, 24th, and 25th.

We have concluded most of the discussion of non-monetary items and have now moved on to the all-important monetary discussions.

In addition, we have secured further bargaining dates for June 21st and 22nd.

On the non-monetary side, some of the main improvements to your union contract are union security, union representation, employee rights, and leaves of absence.

Moving onto money, the company made a first wage offer on May 25th. Below, you will see what the company has offered regarding an increase in wages for all classifications. Both at the start rate and the 12-month increment and the yearly percentage increase for those beyond the 12-month increment.

Again, the wage offer is a first offer from the company, and your committee will certainly push for a better offer and the best deal possible for you. We have talked to the company about rising inflation, and this is top-of-mind as we work to get you a fair contract.

For employees from all classifications who are above the progression rates as of June 1st, 2022, the company is only offering yearly increases of 2%, 2.3%, and 2.5% (over a three-year deal).

For employees at the start rate or in the 12-month progression, the company is only offering the following increases by classification: 

  • Rental Sales Agents $0.25
  • Service Agents $1.25
  • Rover Agents $0.50
  • Shuttlers $0.10
  • Utility Agents $1.25
  • Mechanics $11.10

There have also been discussions about benefits, shift premiums, paid personal days, clothing/footwear and parking allowances. We will continue to fight for improvements in these areas and wages as part of our ongoing monetary discussion.

Stay tuned for further updates from your union Bargaining Committee once we head back to the bargaining table in just a couple of weeks!

In solidarity,
Jeff Ible
Union Labour Relations Officer