Avis Collective Bargaining Update: Union Dues

June 2nd, 2022

Ensuring that Avis union members have a strong and well-resourced union is vital for maintaining and enforcing the gains in your proposed new collective bargaining agreement. Avis union members are currently not contributing union dues at a rate that ensures this outcome. However, Avis employees can correct this through a modest incremental dues increase.

The goal is to gradually bring the contributions of Avis workers over five years to the same level that thousands of members at other UFCW 401 workplaces like Superstore and Safeway have been contributing for years. These increases will start with the ratification of the new Avis contract.  

Upon ratifying the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the union dues, strike fund assessments, and initiation fee for Avis members shall be as follows:

  • Initiation fees for new employees: $25.00. Note: this is a one-time only fee for newly hired employees. Current employees will NOT be required to pay this fee.
  • Flat rate union dues of $9.25 per week.
  • Hourly dues:

Hourly dues are currently $0.10 and will increase on the date of ratification of the Collective Bargaining according to the following schedule:

  • 2022-$0.14 ($0.04 increase)
    • 2023-$0.18 ($0.04 increase)
    • 2024-$0.22 ($0.04 increase)
    • 2025-$0.26 ($0.04 increase)
    • 2026-$0.30 ($0.04 increase)

Note: No Dues Weeks

You only pay dues during the weeks that you work. You do not pay union dues if you are on leave, vacation, WCB, or sick from work and do not have any hours in a particular week.

In solidarity,
Jeff Ible, 
Senior Labour Relations Officer