Banff IGA: Great meeting with great input!

Hello everyone!

We would like to update you on some recent developments, and thanks to all who were able to attend our recent members’ meeting.

The meeting last week at the Legion had a good turnout, with roughly 30 percent of the members attending – sharing valuable in-person information and asking good questions. Your committee gained more insight into how you are feeling, and your input gave us a more focused direction. As the latest peak of the pandemic seems to be declining and things are opening more, we expect in-person meetings will continue. It is certainly the most effective way to communicate.

One of the members at the meeting shared the sentiment that “I like Shawn, but this is just business. He can afford more.” Other members had questions about a possible strike, picket duties, and strike pay. Here are some quick details:

  • Full-time employees would be required to picket 5 x 8-hour shifts a week to receive $500 a week in picket pay (remember that picket/strike pay is non-taxable; you get the full $500).
  • Part-time employees are requested to picket up to 32 hours a week but will be scheduled to meet your need and availability and the needs of the picket line. Picket pay would be $375 (non-taxable) for a 32-hour-week; or prorated for less hours worked. 
  • In addition, Your Union will cover the cost of your health plan premiums to ensure your extended health coverage continues uninterrupted. Your Union will also cover any legitimate legal expenses related to the strike. 

In further developments, it seems that Shawn has started an initiative to recognize members for their service, with a dinner and bonus money based on years of service.

Your bargaining committee supports the principle of this initiative and will be advancing a proposal that it be added to your collective agreement so that no one is overlooked and that it is available to everyone. 

Stand strong, stand together and wear your button!! 


Your Bargaining Committee