Banff IGA Members Reject the Employers Offer

As you already have heard, the members at Banff IGA have voted to reject the employer’s final offer of settlement.

You have told your employer that his contract offer is not enough and given your bargaining committee a mandate to bargain for more.

Your bargaining committee has notified the mediator. And we do have more dates to meet with the company on June 7th and 8th.

Now is the time to show how Banff IGA union members can stick together and show solidarity in your demand for a better contract in Banff. You all deserve it!

You are the union! 

Your bargaining committee needs a solid strike vote to go back to the table with the power of the membership behind them. It’s the only way we will get the company to move from their current offer. Without a decisive strike vote, we will not achieve much more. Worse, without the unified voice of a strong strike vote, we could find our negotiations losing ground.  

In previous negotiations, strong strike votes have resulted in much better contracts. Cargill in High River voted 98% to go on strike, achieved a great result and avoided a labour dispute. 

Stand strong, stand together, and wear your button!

Your bargaining committee,

Joni Ferguson,

Val Watch,

Sandy Harmeson,

David B. Smith.