Banff IGA union members accept improved offer

After a full day of voting, 78% of Banff IGA union members have chosen to accept the Company’s improved offer. The offer will now become their new collective bargaining agreement

Banff IGA members should be proud of the way they stuck together to get an improved offer that a majority of workers voted to accept. It is only through their strength and solidarity that wins like this are possible.

“Banff IGA workers pushed Sobeys, refusing to give up on what they knew they deserved in an offer,” said UFCW Local 401 President Thomas Hesse. “While this offer is not perfect, I’m very glad that our members stood strong and won an improved offer that a majority of Banff IGA workers felt was worth accepting. That’s what being part of a union is all about!”

Highlights of items that are improved over the last offer include:

  • Retro pay for everyone, not just for those at top rate
  • An improved wage scale that will see members progress to much higher rates more quickly
  • A larger wage increase for those at the top rates
  • More money in lump sums in future years
  • An increase to the Sunday premiums
  • An increase to the night crew premium

The employer also removed the language that allows them to appoint a second MT and language that would allow them to bypass people for call-in shifts on their restricted days.

Congratulations to the Union Bargaining Committee who worked so hard to fight back against concessionary efforts and push the employer to give Banff IGA members improvements they have more than earned over the course of the pandemic.

President Hesse urges all Local 401 members to push employers to better address the unique inflationary pressures currently facing workers around the world.