Bayshore Members,

As we prepare for the beginning of mediation, we’d like to get your thoughts on some of the specific proposals your Bargaining Committee has put forward.

Our Union proposal number 5 is about Employee Accommodation. It will ensure support for those of you who are new to Canada, and whose first language is not English.

Do you believe that this proposal is important? Have a look below at the language of Union proposal number 5 and take our survey to tell us how important you think it is!

A reminder that mediation with the Company begins on May 14th — we’ll have more information soon!


The language of the proposal is as follows:

Article XX – Employee Accommodations

XX.01    The Employer agrees to provide all necessary accommodations to employees with language barriers, and/or new immigrants.

These accommodations will include the option of assistance from other employees regarding language barriers. The Union shall be informed of this process, as needed.

Employees who themselves, or their immediate family members, are actively in the immigration process for Canada, shall be given time off to attend immigration appointments and paid time off to attend Citizenship ceremonies, as needed. 

How would you rate this proposal in terms of importance? Click here to take our survey.


You can read about all of our proposals to the Company in a single document.

Click this link to download and read a copy of our proposals to the Company.

Want to learn more about Mediation?

Check out the video at this link to learn more about what Mediation is and how it works.

Stay tuned for further updates!

In solidarity,
Your Union
UFCW Local 401